Time-lapse System Rental


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Why most people rent a time-lapse system.

Most people rent a time-lapse camera system. And for very good reasons. It makes perfect sense. Our cameras come fully configured, with all the accessories, set-up, installed and ready to go. And then whatever the problem, whether it is the camera, the power, or the mobile signal. We’ll support you, manage it and maintain it. And if anything bad happens we’ll supply you with a replacement. You’ll never need to worry, we’ll take responsibility for sorting out any problems.

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How it works.

It works best if we do a site visit and plan with your team how the project will work. We can use all our experience to get the best outcomes for you, be creative, meet you, build your confidence in the tram and, most all, make sure everyone is going to be safe.

Here is what we are going to discuss.


Do we have a great location? And do we have the right camera for the job. Do we need a mast? Or a tower? How are we going to install? Let’s take some test shots. What about cable management? Is it safe? What about security? We’ll consult with you but we’ll take care of all of that.


Do we have power? Our cameras and their comms units are powered over Ethernet so that means that the power can be 100s of metres away. Even if there is no power there is always a solution. Solar? No problem. Wind? Sure, it can be done. Simple batteries. Sure but they need to be changed every few days. So whatever your site, we’ll find a solution.


Cloud storage is the right answer pretty much every time. But how do you get your amazing images to the Cloud. Mobile? Certainly the easiest. Cabled connection? The quickest. And cheapest. WiFi? Possible but a bit fiddly and not always reliable.

It sounds complicated but we’ll have clear ideas. And loads of experience. And once we have agreed everything with you then it’s down to us to get it up and running on the day that you want. It could not be easier for you.

All you have to do is check out your images on your personalised portal.

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