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Time-Lapse Solutions is a leading UK Time-Lapse Company. We work on both long and short projects in all industries but particularly in the construction industry. Our clients include some of the biggest names in construction, manufacturing, engineering, sport and fashion. Some of our clients buy their time-lapse cameras, others rent. What they all have in common is that they trust us to make sure they have the right solution for them, delivered safely when they need it and at the right price. That’s why they come back to us again and again.


Get an instant online quotation for your time-lapse project in less than a minute. No need to email or talk with anyone. (Although we’d love to speak to you as well!)


Time-lapse Solutions are old hands at time-lapse. Whatever your project, we’ll probably have seen it before. Whether it is a long and complex infrastructure project or a short event, we’ll find a solution that works for you. We’re not committed to one manufacturer so if you need an IP camera, a DSLR or a specialist time-lapse system, we’ll supply it – as long as it is works in your environment. Every system is installed quickly, safely and with no fuss. And it is covered by a support and maintenance contract. We monitor the camera 24/7 on your branded portal so if there is a problem, you’ll know about it straight away. Whether you use the films for marketing or site monitoring, at the end or even throughout the project, we provide you with time-lapse videos that are professional and beautifully edited. And it is not only time-lapse, we provide drones, live video, solar systems, CCTV, towers, masts, thermal cameras, and b-roll footage including interviews. You can buy or rent. We’ll find a payment plan that works for you.


Many of our customers add Live Video to their time-lapse systems. Sometimes they add it to their websites, sometimes they use it to remotely monitor their site, sometimes they record and store the video for their security and safety records. Whatever their reason for adding live video to their time-lapse system, it is incredibly easy to set-up, great value and makes a real difference.

Dagenham, London
Austin, Texas

Although we work with a range of sectors, most of our work is in the construction industry. Over the many years we have worked with time-lapse and drones, we have installed time-lapse system on sites both big and small, in every part of the country and pretty much every major company in the construction sector. Whatever your site or your reason for installing a time-lapse, we’ll have seen it before and we’ll have a solution that works for you. We work quickly, safely and with no disruption. You’ll hardly notice we are there. Our engineers are fully accredited and hold CSCS and IPAF cards.

Get in touch to find out how Time-lapse Solutions can make time-lapse work for you.



Not only do we take an ultra-high-resolution photograph of your site every few minutes so that you have a complete record of your build, the camera can also work as a live webcam. This means that you can see what is happening on your site live as it happens. Some people even put the webcam footage on their website. And we also record the video for up to three months so that you can back and review any footage that might need to. These cameras are perfect for time-lapse but they are also great for CCTV and security.



Every one of our time-lapse projects includes a web portal so that you can see your images and video in real time. The portal is an essential tool for any project. Not only can you see the latest image which allows you to manage the site remotely, you can also search, download, zoom, pan and compare past images. And we’re monitoring your time-lapse camera 24/7, if there is ever a problem, for whatever reason, we’ll automatically send you a notification. Also we store your video recordings for up to 30 days.



Our time-lapse videos are professionally edited. It is no small matter making a time-lapse video. We de-flicker every image. This gets rid of the flickering effect that you sometimes see in a (bad) time-lapse video. Then we process the images. That takes time and a lot of processing power. We edit out the boring bits and add in the other content you give us. Then we colour grade the film. Add music. All this makes a great time-lapse film. It is a lot of work. Not every company will do this. But we think it is worth it.


Whether your project is for many years or over the weekend, we’ll have a cost-effective solution that works for you. That could be hiring a time-lapse system, buying a time-lapse system or a renting part of it and buying the rest. Everything is possible. Check out our guides for both options.

24/7 Time-Lapse Monitoring Portal

Every time-lapse system has an easy-to-use web-portal where you can see all your images and videos in real-time. This allows you to monitor and manage your site remotely. We’ll also automatically check your site so if anything happens to your time-lapse system, we let you know immediately. And because we back-up your images every night, you’ll never lose anything.

Design Film Digital Solutions Time Lapse Systems
Design Film Digital Solutions Time Lapse Camera

    • UHD Time-lapse Camera
    • 4K or 20K Quality
    • Comms unit with router
    • Mobile or Internet
    • Local or cloud storage
    • Password protected portal
    • Time-lapse video


    • It could not be easier
    • We do a recce
    • We agree camera location
    • We install the camera
    • You view images
    • Er…that’s it.


    • Up to 20MP Camera
    • Power source up to 100m away
    • Solar (option)
    • Mobile signal is normally needed
    • Cabled (option)
    • Local storage (option)


    • Quite simply. We’ll do everything.
    • We’re professional
    • We’re efficient
    • We’re flexible
    • We’re insured
    • And most of all, we’re safe

Time-lapse Blog

It is incredibly easy to work with Time-Lapse Solutions and you also get great services delivered on time and on budget. Here is what we do.


  • Site visit

Before we install your time-lapse camera, we always do a site visit. We’ll work with you to identify the best shot for your project and We’ll all agree how we will safely install your system.


  • RAMS

We’ll send you a RAMS for your approval before every installation. Everyone’s safety is our number one priority


  • Installation

On the day of the installation, we’ll arrive on time, attend an induction, show our CSCS cards, get to work quickly, independently, safely, respectfully and cleanly. We’ll install and test the cameras, the masts and the solar power and make sure you are happy before we leave.


  • Web Portal

Your branded web portal is where you can see all the images and video from your time-lapse camera. You are immediately shown the latest image and the live video. It is possible to zoom and pan on the high-resolution images. There is also a search and download that allows you to retrieve any image by date and time.


  • Live Feed

Your time-lapse camera is also a web cam with allows you to watch live video on your web portal. The video can also be stored so that you can retrieve it whenever you need it.


  • Monthly Progress Films

We’ll make you monthly or quarterly time-lapse progress films. Project managers love to show clients and management how the project is going. Every month we deliver you a new time-lapse video. We don’t need to be prompted; we’ll do it automatically.


  • 24/7 Monitoring

We’ll monitor your equipment 24/7 to make sure it is operating as it should do. And if we find a problem for any reason, we’ll automatically notify you. And then we’ll work with you to find a solution.


  • Onsite Maintenance

Our equipment is super reliable. It is rare that anything goes wrong. But if you have a problem with your equipment, just give us a call and we’ll go onsite to resolve it. Simple as that.


  • Decommissioning

When your project finishes, we’ll decommission the equipment, quickly, cleanly and safely. Once we have the camera back at our workshop, we’ll even service it for you; ready for your next project


  • Marketing Video

Making your Time-Lapse video is the fun part of the project. It is no small matter. We have to download and process the images and that uses a lot of computing power. Then we have to de-flicker every image. And carefully edit the film to take out any content that is not relevant. We then add in some other footage like drones, interviews and images. After that we add images, branding and music. We’ll go through several changes and improvements until you are completely happy.

Events, Sports, Art Installations and Festivals

Of course, most of our work is for construction businesses. But it is not everything we do. We have worked on all sorts of cool projects. And in particular, we love to work on events. With deep respect to our friends in the construction industry, a time-lapse of a fashion event is more fun, making a time-lapse of a festival is much cooler, recording a time-lapse of an art installation is uplifting and a time-lapse of a sports event is a brilliant experience. So, in short, whatever your project, we love to hear from you.

Email us on info@solutions.co.uk or call our friendly team on 0203 1742575